I haven’t posted a school photo in a while. Here’s one from 1985, when I was about 16. I’m the one with glasses in the back row, second from right (and my best friend at school, Donald, is on the left of that row). #ThrowbackThursday

School photo

I run our portable generator for a little while every three months, to keep it in working order. We’ve never used it during a power cut, but it’s nice to have, just in case.


I feel like I’m always posting pictures of Rory and Paladin, but it’s been almost two weeks since the last one… so here are three: Rory and Paladin looking the same size, dainty puppy, and enjoying a sunbeam. You’re welcome. 🐕🐈

Rory & Paladin

Dainty Rory

Rory & Paladin